Simón I. Patiño Foundation

Albina R. de Patiño Paediatric Centre

Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Albina R. de Patiño Paediatric Centre

Calle Jordán N° 886
esq. Av. Oquendo
Casilla 555
Tel. :+591-4-4258727
Fax :+591-4-4117023

We have helped over 257,000 under-privileged children since 2005

Opened in Cochabamba in 1968, the Albina R. de Patiño Paediatric Centre works on behalf of under-privileged children in the areas of prevention, detection and treatment of the most common childhood diseases. It is a national reference centre for paediatrics, recognised for the quality of its care, medical research and academic training model.

Our hospital has:

  • An outpatient department catering mainly to infants and children under the age of 18
  • An inpatient department with a capacity of 46 beds, divided into three wards (infectious diseases, neonatology, and gastroenterology)

The emergency department, intensive care unit and support services (radiography, echography and the laboratory) operate 24 hours a day.

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Contact us:

Albina R. de Patiño Paediatric Centre
Calle Jordán N° 886
esq. Av. Oquendo, Casilla 555
Cochabamba – Bolivia
Tél. : +591-4-4258727, Fax : +591-4-4117023

Child Nutrition Centre, Cochabamba
C. Llawar Mallcu, esq. C. Yanacuna, Casilla 555 
Cochabamba – Bolivia
Tél.: +591-4-4217708, Fax: +591-4-4217737

 Child Nutrition Centre, El Alto
C. Gualberto Villarroel entre Zarate Villca y José Santos Vargas N° 6004
La Paz – Bolivia
Tel. +591-2-2863175 Fax.- +591-2-2862964


La Paz & El Alto

The Patiño Foundation carries out a range of cultural, educational and literary activities at its facility in La Paz, Bolivia’s capital city.

In order to address the needs of the rural population that has moved to El Alto, Bolivia’s second-largest city, our Foundation has built a nutrition Centre there that helps over 220 children each year.


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de la Sierra is Bolivia’s fastest-growing city and largest economic centre. It is home to many petrochemical and agricultural companies. As the city is located in the country’s tropical lowlands, the Foundation plays a pivotal role in educating the local population and farmers to work with the area’s fragile environment. In addition, we provide a hugely-popular programme of cultural and educational activities.



The Foundation’s administrative headquarters has been situated in Geneva since 1958. All our student scholarships are administered from here, as are our wider activities across Bolivia. Throughout the year, we host a series of cultural events in Geneva, aimed at promoting youth talent in Switzerland.