Simón I. Patiño Foundation

Art, culture and literature

We make art, culture and literature accessible to all Bolivians

Art, culture and literature

The Patiño Foundation promotes various local artistic and cultural events. Also, by organising national events - such as exhibitions, concerts, festivals, theatre, lectures and debates - we encourage dialogue between cultures, as well as between artists, writers and the public.

In Bolivia, we have two cultural Centres: Simón I. Patiño Educational and Cultural Centre in Cochabamba and Espacio Simón I. Patiño in La Paz. Both offer a wide range of artistic experiences and are equipped to help visitors discover different aspects of Bolivian and Latin American creativity, be it in visual arts, literature, musical and theatrical expression, film, drawing or verbal communication.

In Geneva, the Patiño Foundation organises artistic events to raise awareness of Latin American culture. We also provide artistic fellowships in conjunction with the city of Geneva, to promote young talent in Switzerland and across Europe. Editions Patiño was created to showcase the lesser-known aspects and cultural diversity of Latin America.

Our Work

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