Simón I. Patiño Foundation


We help to protect Bolivia’s environment through training and education programmes for future generations


For decades, the Patiño Foundation has been committed to truly sustainable development in Bolivia, dedicated to balancing technical progress with the preservation of a threatened environment, all the while preserving the rich biodiversity of the country.

That is why we develop and produce publications covering a broad spectrum of environmental themes, as well as educational materials and activities. These are distributed to schools to help with the education of children and adolescents in food safety, genetic resource conservation, and how to preserve the environment for the benefit of the entire Bolivian population and future generations.

Furthermore, the agricultural Centres of our Foundation pilot model farming methods, encompassing the rehabilitation of land degraded by intensive monocultures, as well as agro-forestry practices, composting, intercropping, organic fertilisation and the welfare of animals.

Our Work

Contributing to development in Bolivia