Simón I. Patiño Foundation


We save over 500 infant lives every year


Malnutrition affects the physical, cognitive and psychological development of children. It also increases the risk of mortality. The Patiño Foundation is committed to fighting malnutrition. We work with interdisciplinary health networks and other organisations to ensure it is detected as early as possible and support is given in time.

Our two Child Nutrition Centres, located in Cochabamba and El Alto, have day centres that accept children under 5 years of age, who are suffering from mild to moderate malnutrition. In severe cases, we provide accommodation for the children. In order to prevent a relapse, and to maintain social support for their families, monitoring is provided for two years after the child leaves the Centre. The Centres run educational programmes for the children, highlighting the causes of malnutrition and offering training to prepare nutritious food from local sources.

Our Foundation also contributes to the improved nutrition of the child population through the development of varieties of cereals and high-protein vegetables. We develop agro-biological dairy products that carry an exceptionally high nutritional value. These are distributed to mothers and infants as part of a government programme of subsidies, in which the Foundation is also involved.

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