Simón I. Patiño Foundation


Our multiple research programmes range from medical care to agriculture


The Patiño Foundation contributes to the development of paediatrics in Bolivia through research projects, which cover a wide range of childhood diseases that have been recorded in the country.

In education, our research focuses on editing methodological materials. This is based on teacher training to improve their pupils' ability to read and reading comprehension.

In agriculture and livestock, research focuses firstly on the production and improvement of varieties of pulses and cereals that are rich in protein. We look to make these products more resistant to diseases in local conditions. Secondly, we are rehabilitating the Criollo cattle breed. Criollos had almost disappeared, but are of huge value, thanks to their ability to adapt to tropical conditions. Thirdly, we conduct experiments to grow fruits and vegetables with high nutritional values. Throughout all of this work, we are committed to safeguarding Bolivia’s biodiversity.

Our Work

Contributing to development in Bolivia